Plastic Surgery

How I Feel About My Facelift

I've had a lower face lift and a neck lift and it's made such a lot difference to my life. I feel happier, more confident, when I look in the mirror I don't see the loose flesh hanging underneath my chin. I've got just the look I wanted, I...

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Do You Need a Facelift or a Necklift?

  One of the questions people ask is do I need a facelift or necklift, or is there a difference? Facelift is a general term which is used to describe anything as I said earlier on from your brow right down to your neck. And again, depending...

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Abdominoplasty: your questions answered

  One of the questions that is frequently asked is what will happen at the procedure? And how things will go? And what will happen afterwards? Mind you, abdominoplasty 360-degree liposuctions, whole body liposuctions, they are major...

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