S Facelift and Standard Facelift

Written by Azhar Aslam

April 10, 2022

– I perform a procedure called S face-lift. And at some point I had a trademark hold on it. But I thought it was a little-known trademark. Rather, everybody should be using S face-lift.

S face-lift is based on four principles which are different from standard face-lift.

The first and the most basic principle is that in a standard face-lift things will be simply pulled backwards. In an S face-lift they’re lifted. Because as you age, you are dropping downwards and inwards. So, simply stretching it back is what gives people those wind-tunnel effect and tight looks and extra looks. So, with an S face-lift that won’t happen because we are lifting and not just pulling things back and not stretching them. That’s the first principle.

The second principle is that in an S face-lift you always define which area you’re going to focus on mostly and where is the muscle going to rotate from to which point? All of that is done in a standing position. Because obviously when you lie on an operating table, the face looks very different. So, by doing the markings beforehand and deciding in front of the mirror beforehand you precisely know that when you stand up after having the face-lift surgery you have done what you wanted to achieve.

And the third important principle is that the amount of skin we excise is predecided, i.e. we don’t actually decide when you’re lying back on the table how much is to be cut out. It has already been decided beforehand in a standing position after the markings are done in front of the mirror.

And the fourth principle is, that because of the first three things that we have done, we have a much better access, much better view, and consequently, the hemostasis and the surgery that is done is more safe, i.e. the risks to the nerve damage is much more reduced, the swelling is much less, the inflammation is much less and as a consequence of that all your post-operative recovery is much quicker, hardly any bruising or minimal bruising, and much more quicker recovery, back to normal life in a much more quicker manner.


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