about Dr Aslam


  • Fellow Royal College of Surgeons (Glasgow)


  • President of British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons (BACS)
  • Fellow Royal Society of Medicine
  • Fellow European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Member British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Member British Medical Association

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Azhar Aslam is the current President of the British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons (BACS). Azhar trained in surgery for 10 years, including nearly 6 years in plastic surgery in the NHS.

Pursuing his chosen speciality of plastic surgery, he was awarded a scholarship by the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians, Glasgow, which took him to Louisiana, USA, for a Fellowship in 1996. He furthered his expertise in cosmetic surgery, training and working in America, Mexico and Germany.

Azhar continued to work in the NHS, finally working as Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester, where he helped set up a specialist hand unit.

He left the NHS in 2000 to work privately and has since built up a Harley Street clinic – a private cosmetic surgery practice and a Health Village in Harley Street, London.

Azhar works from other clinics located across the UK as well. He has worked actively with the Department of Health, IHA and expert groups to improve the regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry.

He has worked as panel advisor to the European Academy for Cosmetic Surgery and as Academic Secretary of the British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, prior to his presidency.


Cosmetic surgery is unique in that unlike other surgical specialities, the surgeon is changing healthy tissue which is not diseased in the traditional sense.

The surgery is being performed to fulfil the patient’s desire.

Therefore unlike all other specialities, the ‘wants and desires’ of the patient take a central role.

Cosmetic surgery is performed using a five dimensional framework.

By this it means there is a three dimensional framework of the physical body.

In addition, a cosmetic surgeon has to take into consideration the fourth dimension of time to visualize the desired final result after the healing process is complete, since tissues can change during healing period.

Finally, but even more importantly, a cosmetic surgeon must delve into the patient’s mind and ascertain the nature of what the patient dreams of and wants — and what the patient expects.

Understanding this desire is fundamental to a successful cosmetic surgery operation.

He listens to your questions, explains everything in detail, and enables you to make the decision yourself.


“He is absolutely truthful; if you want a procedure that isn’t right for you, he will tell you you don’t need it.”


“He’s very warm and confident, and he makes you feel confident too.”


If you have any questions, or would like to request a consultation...

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