Why I prefer local anaesthetic and sedation to general anaesthetic

– So people often ask me, because most of my surgeries performed on local anaesthetic, sometimes combined with sedation, how does that go and why this practises develop?

I’ve been performing this for almost 15 years and over the years the practise has grown to such that almost all of my procedures are done like that.

First and foremost is that there are certain patients who will not want to be put to sleep in any event. They are the people who will want to have it done under local anaesthetic and sedation.

But why would you choose somebody who can be put to sleep to be done on the local or local and sedation? Very simple, what are the two main elements that you would be worried about having surgery?

Number one, pain, number two, anxiety. So in terms of being anxious being in theatre, when you are being sedated, sedation is like having a light general anaesthetic. It takes your mind away, it to the point that most people can almost be put to sleep and they’re snoring and breathing on their own.

And literally the only difference between that and the general anaesthetic is that you don’t have a tube down your throat. You just may may not even need a mask you’re breathing on your own with 100% oxygen or sometimes you may need a little bit of oxygen being given by the mask. And that takes care of the anxiety of it. So far as pain is concerned, I am, super convinced that the best way of achieving pain relief is to anaesthetise a local area.

I remember being called to A and E regularly when I was in my training days, people sitting there with small injuries to the hands being given pethidine, morphine, getting sick with it et cetera, et cetera, not still being in pain. And all we had to do was to go and inject a bit of local anaesthetic which numbs it for next four hours, six hours, eight hours, 10 hours, and sometimes even up to couple of days, and that’s a permanent pain relief. So when you are doing surgery on any part of the body, for example, the breast for example, the face, once you’ve numbed it, there is no pain because you don’t feel anything.

You may feel a little bit of touch, a bit of pressure, but that’s about it. And that touch and pressure has already been taken to count if you anxious with anxiety by giving you sedation. So the pain best pain relief comes from anaesthetising the local nerves, which cause the pain. It is better than morphine, fentanyl, or any other kind of. Now the big advantage, even when I do operations and I do multiple surgeries, mommy makeovers, and big tummy tucks, under general anaesthetic, I use lots of local anaesthesia same that I will do for other operations such as facelifts and breast implants, minus it does not have to give any morphine related medications.

And it’s the deadly combination of morphine related combination medications with anaesthetic gases which causes all the post operative after the operation sickness, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, et cetera et cetera. So anybody who is being given local anaesthetic and sedation is actually more safe because the risks of general anaesthesia are they are not present, they’re being managed in a comfortable environment because they still are achieving all the relaxation and not being aware of having the operation and they’re being given the best pain relief that there is, ie local anaesthetic, which can last as I said, anything from four, six hours to up to two days.

So you’re totally comfortable sitting in your bed, you walk around, your activity starts early, your mobility starts early, psychologically, you feel hugely better, because you go back to your normal activities and normal life in a much more quicker manner. It gets you back into your normal life after having an operation and at a much more speedier manner, compared to having a full deep general anaesthetic

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