Facelift & S-Facelift

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Facelift – or rhytidectomy – is facial rejuvenation to regain a much more youthful appearance. A facelift removes creases & wrinkles & gives a firmer appearance to the face.

Most of my patients say they feel very young, and they’re healthy, they’re fit, but their face does not ‘fit’.  So we are restoring your previous self to a degree, in such a way that you can live a more enhanced life.

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What Is A Facelift?

 A traditional facelift is a cosmetic procedure that will help reduce sagging skin along the cheeks and jawline – helping to contour your face and give you that more rejuvenated appearance.

 During this procedure, an incision is made at the temples and goes around the ears to the neck. This is so we can pull that skin back, as well so we can work with your tissue below the skin to help return a more youthful contour to your face.

 Once we are done, we will close up – removing any excess skin. 


What Is An S-Facelift? 

The S-Facelift is named after the type of incision that is made during this surgery. This incision is made at your temple and goes in an S shape in front, and behind, your ear. This is also known as a “mini-facelift.” 

This facelift is less invasive, meaning your recovery time will be shorter. However, this procedure is not for everyone as it is targeted more so at the lower end of the face. If you are looking to help the look of your brows, forehead, and even eyelids then you will want to be looking into a traditional facelift. 

The S-lift is for someone who only has mild to moderate face/neck sagging. This is more aimed at men and women who would not want to undergo major surgery but are still looking for a more youthful and restored appearance.

During this procedure, the skin is of course lifted, while the muscles and tissues below are reworked and tightened. As well, any excess fat in the area will be removed. Once we are done, we will close up and remove the excess skin.


Common Questions

When Will I See Results?

 As with many cosmetic surgeries, you will look worse before you look better – this is normal. Within a few weeks though the swelling and bruising will subside and you should be able to see the initial results. These will only improve over the next months as any other swelling fades.

How Long Does It Last?

Although some factors cause this to vary, such as a patient’s lifestyle and their rate of aging which is genetic, the results of your facelift are going to be long-lasting. Your facelift will last around 5-10 years, based on your lifestyle. To help the facelift last longer, you will want to adopt a healthy lifestyle like protecting your facial skin from the sun by using suncream every day.

Will I Look Natural? 

Yes! We know facelifts don’t have the best reputation, especially when it comes to comedy movies – but they have come a long way from where they began.

We are now able to customize facelifts to suit each patient’s needs, which will guarantee a natural-looking result. We can create results that will make you look younger and rejuvenated while keeping it looking natural! 

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