At what age should you have a facelift?

Written by Azhar Aslam

April 10, 2022

– The two common questions which are commonly asked by people who are considering face lift is, “When should I have face lift?”.

I have performed face lift on a young face as young as 34 year old, and I performed a face lift on as old as 89 year old.

So, that’s like 55 years age difference between those two extremes, but then what is a face lift that a 34 year old had would be very, very different from what an 89 year old had, because each operation has to be uniquely customized to your face, and your requirements, and your desires.

Technically speaking, if for example, you have lost lots of weight, and your face has started to appear gaunt, you’ve lost the volume, there’s obvious appearance of jowling, neck looseness, technically, you can’t have a lifting effect by performing a face lift.

So it does not matter what age you are. It depends upon how healthy you are, what your appearance is, what your desire is. As a rule however, most patients will be 40 years plus before they start seeking some kind of lifting surgery.

Which could be a very small lift, with very small incision, to the point that you have an incision which covers most of the face and the neck. But it differs from person to person. One of the very, very good things about face lift scars is the scars are placed in a very hidden manner.

So most of your scar is behind the neck, and the one which is on the front of the neck goes right around inside the ear lobe, and around the ear corners, and generally speaking, few months down the line, you would hardly see any scar left there.

We like giving very detailed explanation of what post-operative care and how to treat your scars, and what things you need to use to help those scars to fade away, and that always helps.


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