What is Facelift Surgery?

Written by Azhar Aslam

April 10, 2019

‘Facelift’ is a term for defining that you are lifting any part of the face. Generally the face is divided into upper-face, mid-face, lower-face, then neck. And lower face and neck are considered as one unit. So anything starting from the forehead, down to your neck or even upper chest is considered face lift surgery.

Facelift surgery has been practiced for more than a hundred years. Various techniques have developed, and there is a debate whether skin only surgery should be done, or rather – as I believe – muscle should also be lifted at the same time.

And I think the argument of the muscle lifting is better has won over the time. And it has been proven that lifting the muscle along with the skin gives a better face lifting results.

However, facelift must not be seen as simply lifting procedure, because there are various elements to aging. How will you treat the skin itself? Not by lifting only. How we treat the volume that you have lost with-from your face because people will lose the volume on the face as you age as well.

So, one has to look at the whole wholistic picture of what your face needs. It may not simply be lifting. It may be lifting combined with volumizing replacing the volume in a proper position. For example: your cheeks my be depressed, your jowls may be um, over droopy. Your neck might be over droopy.

And ultimately the operation is always designed with your desire in mind. I.e. for example: When we consult you look at your face, you point out which parts of your face bother you most. We assess what is required. Is it simple lifting required? Is it lifting with volume replacement which is required? Or do you, will you also need skin treatment for that?

Facelift is really facial rejuvenation to a much more youthful appearance. We’re not going to turn the clock and make you twenty years younger. Most of my patients will say they feel very young, and they’re healthy, they’re fit, but their face does not ‘fit’.

So we are restoring your previous self to a degree in such a way that you can leave a more enhanced life.

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