About BII : Breast Implant Illness

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So, I’m going to just briefly talk about BII because a lot of people are very concerned about Breast Implant Illness, as it is the term which is used on the internet.

To begin with, BII is still not a recognized disease. BII represents breast implant associated various symptoms, some of them are so vague that they are present in various other diseases. So, therefore, in terms of BII when you go to a doctor or a surgeon, and because it’s still not classified as a disease, they will want to investigate you for various conditions before they can say that your symptoms are attributable to the implant itself.

However, because over the past three years, I myself have dealt with almost about a 1000 patients with similar symptoms, and since 2012, when the PIP scare happened, I have dealt with about 2,500 patients who had PIP implants as well.

I personally believe that there is a very small cohort of the patients, who definitely have symptoms which are directly attributable to the implant itself.

We are currently conducting research on this to see what relief has been obtained after removal of the implants but anecdotally, I can tell you that most patients if not all of them, after the implant removal do say that the symptoms have been relieved and those symptoms include dryness, lack of focus, unexplained lethargy, fatigue, et cetera.

It’s very important to remember and the analogy I normally give is that, if for example, people and food. Tthere is a small percentage of patients who will be allergic to fish, peanuts, et cetera. So, in my own opinion, there is a very small cohort of patients who may develop these symptoms related to breast implants and that they may get relief after the implant has been removed.

However, until the research is complete, and it is recognized, overall it is not recognized as a disease.

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