Top 5 Questions About Facelifts to Ask Your Surgeon

questions about facelifts

Written by Michelle

July 21, 2021

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, facelifts are among the top five surgical cosmetic procedures performed in the UK.

If you’re considering a facelift, there are things you should take into account before making the decision. Keep reading to learn five questions about facelifts you should ask your surgeon.

1. How Many Facelifts Have You Performed?

You want to make sure your surgeon is experienced before getting a facelift. In an ideal scenario, your surgeon should have completed hundreds of successful facelifts and has been practicing for ten years or so.

You should ask to see before and after photos to see the type of work they do. If possible, ask for pictures of different facial types and skin tones. This will help you find a face type you can identify with and will prove the surgeon’s experience.

2. What Does the Procedure Involve?

There are different facelift techniques, and you want to understand what type your surgeon performs. They should be able to explain their technique so you understand exactly what will happen during and after the procedure.

Most patients are given local anesthesia and a sedative so they’re awake but unable to feel anything during the procedures. Others are given general anesthesia which puts the patient to sleep. Talk to your surgeon about what type of facelift is right for you and what to expect from the procedure.

3. How Long Does the Surgery Take?

The length of the surgery depends on the extent of the procedure you’re having done. A standard facelift takes between three and four hours. If you combine it with brow or eyelid surgery, it can take up to six hours. There are also mini facelifts that can be performed in just two hours.

4. Is a Facelift Right For Me?

Facelifts aren’t right for everyone. Candidates for facelifts have a few particular traits in common. A facelift is a good option for people that have loose skin that still has some elasticity in the lower region of their face. Elasticity is important, as it helps with the healing process.

There is no age limit when it comes to facelifts, but your overall health does play into whether you’re a good candidate or not. If you have any health issues or chronic conditions, your surgeon may advise against a facelift.

5. How Long Do Results From Facelifts Last?

Before you decide to have a facelift, it’s worth knowing how long the results will last. It’s impossible to completely stop the aging process, so you will continue to age after the procedure. However, for the next decade, you’ll look younger than you would if you hadn’t had the procedure.

Usually, if a patient wants a second facelift, they’ll have it done about seven to ten years after the first one. The longevity of the facelift depends on the specific procedure you had and how you care for your skin afterward.

Ask These Questions About Facelifts

Before you decide to move forward, ask your surgeon these questions about facelifts. By asking these questions, you’ll be sure you’re a good candidate for surgery and your surgeon is top-notch.

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