Do You Need a Facelift or a Necklift?

Written by Azhar Aslam

September 22, 2020

One of the questions people ask is do I need a facelift or necklift, or is there a difference?

Facelift is a general term which is used to describe anything as I said earlier on from your brow right down to your neck.

And again, depending on your desire and where the problem lies it is quite possible that we are mostly concentrating on the neck.

So, most of your surgery is lifting the neck and not the whole face. Having said that, it’s almost always the rule that your jaws, your lower face, jawline and your neck is considered one unit.

So, it will be almost always whenever a necklift surgery is performed when the jawline tightening is done at the same time.

In any event the principle for the necklift will be exactly the same as I’m describing for the face. That will be an S Lift. So it will be a rotary movement lifting movement.

But one of the specific things about the neck lift is that when I’m performing the necklift I want not only the neck but actually the upper chest real tight.

Because if you think about it it’s your neck skin which is walked down on the bones of your upper chest over your clavicles.

And that whole area has to be smoothed to perform a good necklift.

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