Why Do Women Get Breast Implants? 3 Common Reasons

why do women get breast implants

Written by Michelle

July 25, 2020

In the UK, the popularity of cosmetic plastic surgery is on the rise.

2015 saw a 13 per cent spike in the number of procedures, totalling an astounding 51,140. Women were the recipients of most of those surgeries, with 46,526 procedures. 

What was the most popular procedure? By a long shot, the answer is breast enlargement. Breast augmentations saw a 12 per cent rise from the year before, 2014, with 9,652 procedures.

Are you considering breast augmentation? Why do women get breast implants, exactly? 

The answer isn’t black and white. There are several different reasons women may choose this elective surgery. Keep reading for some insight.

1. To Improve Self-Confidence

The way women feel about their breasts impacts several other areas of their lives—sexuality, self-esteem, motherhood, ageing, and more.

A woman who is not happy with the size and shape of her breasts may suffer from a lack of self-love. Her breasts may make her feel uncomfortable both in her clothes and while naked. Women deserve to feel confident in their bodies, but sometimes that confidence can’t grow if something like unsatisfactory breasts is holding her back.

By far, one of the most common reasons women get breast jobs is to enhance their self-confidence.

2. To Make Their Breasts More Symmetrical

Breast asymmetry is more common than one may think. Sometimes, it could be cause for a health concern, but it also may simply be cosmetic.

Electing for breast enhancement can make the breasts symmetrical, which brings us back to our first point. A woman with one breast that’s noticeably larger or smaller than another may experience lacking appreciation for her body—both clothed and nude.

When both breasts are symmetrical, they’re easier to accept and love as ‘normal’ for many women.

3. To Bring Back Shapeliness After a Mastectomy, Pregnancy, or Weight Loss

As women age and experience different life events, their breasts change, too.

Some women get their breasts removed pre-emptively or otherwise to save them from breast cancer. Some women’s breasts change drastically during pregnancy and after if electing for breastfeeding. Similarly, sudden weight loss may leave breasts less full and plump than before.

All of these situations are cause for women to consider breast enhancement. Why do women get breast implants? Because breast enhancement can bring back the shape they remembered from pre-surgery, pre-baby, or pre-weight loss. 

Similarly, a woman may have loved her breasts when she was younger but has noticed a lack of perkiness or shapeliness with age. Breast enhancement can restore that youthful look that many women enjoy.

Why Do Women Get Breast Implants?

The answer to this question isn’t one-size-fits-all. Women choose to get breast augmentation for a variety of reasons.

After reading this guide, you’ll never again have to wonder, “Why do women get breast implants?”

If you’re one of the many women considering this procedure, we can provide even more insight into the entire process. Click here to learn about the surgery experience from people just like you, and contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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