How to Choose the Best Breast Implant Size for You

breast implant size

Written by Michelle

March 27, 2021

It would be devastating to walk away from your breast augmentation surgery feeling like your implants are too big or too small. The right breast implant size can make you feel more confident in your body, but how do you know the right size?

Many factors influence your implants. Read on to find out what you need to think about when choosing your implant size. 

What Are The Different Implant Types?

Various methods exist to increase your breast size, and implants are just one option. When it comes to implants, you can choose from saline or silicone. 

Saline implants provide a uniform and firm look. They are filled with salt water, and they require smaller incisions during surgery than silicone ones. Unfortunately, saline implants are also more likely to ripple as time passes.

Silicone implants look and feel more realistic than saline implants, which is why they are so popular. They require a larger incision and more frequent checkups, but the results are often long-lasting. 

Your next choice involves implant shape. The most common shape for implants is round, which means it is the same shape from every angle. Round implants are best for people who want a fuller look. 

Teardrop implants look more natural because they mimic the sloping tendencies of breasts. However, with a great surgeon, either shape can look natural. 

Top Elements To Consider for Breast Implant Size

The first step to knowing the best implant size for you is assessing your lifestyle, physique, and desires. A plastic surgeon can talk you through these points in your initial consultation. Here are the points you should think about in each category:

Your Lifestyle

Your activity level, fitness goals, and desire to give birth affect your implants. Before you get implants at all, you should understand the implications for the future.

For example, gaining and losing body weight can cause you to gain or lose weight in your breasts. You should get to your ideal body weight before getting implants to reduce the risk of complications. Additionally, it’s best to wait to get breast implants until after you’ve completed pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

If you workout often, you’ll want to get implants that won’t get in the way when you run or jump. 

Your Body Type

Your surgeon will make suggestions based on your anatomy. It’s important to base your breast size on your body type so that they are as comfortable as possible. For that reason, consider your current breast size, hip-width, height, and weight in your calculations. 

The same size breast can look differently on different people. If you are petite, you may encounter back pain if your implants are too large for your stature.

Lastly, you should consider your wardrobe. Will you be able to fit your new chest size into your current clothes, or will you have to buy new ones?

Your Goals

Of course, your goals play a large role in your optimal implant size. Are you trying to combat sagging? Are you interested in filling out your bras better?

Maybe you lost weight and want to get back to your old breast size. Talk to your surgeon about these goals so that you can get the results you’re looking for.

Implant Sizing

Many people think about their breasts in terms of cup sizes. However, professionals measure breast implants in cubic centimetres (cc). The sizes can range from 150 to 800 ccs on average.

Why is the measurement system not based on cup size? Cup sizes are not standardized between companies, so it’s not a reliable scale. One manufacturer’s 34C may be bigger than the same size from another manufacture. 

You can use cup sizing as an estimate, but it’s often easier to not let numbers distract you. Instead, focus on how you want your implants to feel and look. Your surgeon will work with you so that you feel good about your breasts regardless of the exact size.

When Is a Breast Implant Too Big?

There are limits when it comes to breast implants. Your current breast size, the elasticity of your skin, and your chest’s size influence the best implant size for your body. You’ll need to have enough original breast tissue to cover the implant.

Oversized implants can have negative results, such as:

  • malpositioning
  • sagging
  • premature ageing
  • tissue thinning
  • skin rippling

Also, large implants may spill into the middle of your chest or into your armpit area, which won’t look natural. Large breasts are also heavier and can be inconvenient in the long run. 

If you are interested in getting breasts that are much bigger than your current size, consult a professional to learn about your options.

Try Them on First

Before surgery, you will have the chance to see what your new breasts will look and feel like. Many surgeons offer sizers that you can place in your bra to get an estimate.

Some surgeons may offer digital mockups of what you’ll look like after surgery. Like the sizers, the simulation can give you a sense of the results for different sizes before deciding. 

If you want to try finding your ideal implant size at home, there are several ways to do so. One option is to fill a plastic bag with water and place it inside of your bra. You can adjust the size by adding or removing water as needed. 

Another option is to put rice inside of a sock or pantyhose and do the same thing. As you experiment with different sizes, get a second opinion from a friend you trust.

Get Professional Advice

Doctor Aslam is an experienced plastic surgeon in London who has conducted breast implant procedures for over 20 years. Dr Aslam is here to make sure you get quality, lasting results that you love. He will walk you through the procedure from start to finish and advise you on the perfect breast implant size.

If you aren’t sure you need implants, ask Dr Aslam about your other breast augmentation options. Schedule a consultation today to begin your breast implant journey.

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