How to Know if You are a Good Candidate for Tummy Tucks

candidate for tummy tucks

Written by Michelle

August 4, 2021

As youngsters, we were blessed with bodies that did what they were told. 

However, now that we’re a little older, they tend to be less forgiving in many ways. Even those of us who have taken care of ourselves find that we’re plagued with less-than-perfect skin, unwelcome lumps and bumps, and unsightly stretch marks around our abdomen.

Thankfully, modern medicine lends a helping hand to those who refuse to succumb to the march of time. 

Have you been considering a little surgical help to rejuvenate your body? Are you wondering if you’re a good candidate for tummy tucks? 

We’ve highlighted some key points for you below.

Tackling Loose Skin

A tummy tuck procedure is often one of the only permanent solutions to loose skin, stretch marks, and unwanted pockets of belly fat. The ideal candidate for tummy tucks will satisfy the following criteria:

Good Health

Tummy tucks are a relatively low-risk procedure. However, you will still need general anaesthesia which comes with its own set of risks. Therefore, you’ll need to have a healthy set of lungs and a strong heart, and not suffer from any autoimmune or connective tissue disorders.

In addition, if you are prone to having thick, raised scars after surgery, tell your doctor before you proceed.

Enough Skin

In order to be considered for this procedure, you should have a significant amount of excess skin around your abdomen. The incisions necessary for a tummy tuck are quite large, and if there is not enough surplus skin, the scar can look unsightly.

Women who have had children or those who have shed a considerable amount of weight are excellent candidates for a tummy tuck for this reason. 

Realistic Expectations 

Be sure to do your homework and ensure that you set realistic expectations for your surgery. 

A tummy tuck is not designed as a weight-loss treatment. Very often, a tummy tuck will follow a lengthy program of weight loss and exercise. It serves to remove those last few inches of loose skin that exercise alone can’t shift.

Likewise, the results will be permanent only if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight. 

After a tummy tuck, recovery can be slow and a little painful. It’s important to know this before signing up for the procedure. 

Are You a Candidate for Tummy Tucks?

A tummy tuck can be a real life changer and give you back the confidence that you’ve been missing. In fact, many of our patients love the fact that their shape after this procedure more accurately reflects their weight, especially after putting in so much time and effort. 

We’re sure that you have questions and we are happy to answer them for you. Please take a moment to get in contact with us so that we can establish if you’re a candidate for tummy tucks, and get you on the path to your best self.

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